Jackson Family Piggery

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About our pet pig Herd

   These pigs have charming personalities and make wonderful pets.


Our farm started in 2014 with the purchase of Priscilla Pigsley, Elvis Pigsley and Angel.

Willow joined the herd next. Priscilla and Elvis have moved on.


    Our mini-pig



   I fell in love with Willow when I met her. Willow came in as a foster. Her mom had to move out of state and wasn't able to care for her. Willow was purchased from California mini pigs as a breeder by her first owner and has now joined our herd. She is a mini-pig.

   January 26, 2016. Willow has given birth to her first litter. See photos on Willow's Photo Album page.





















Our Kunekunes 





   Tucker is very loving and has a good and friendly personality. He is a kunekune, registered as Mahia Love x Trish - Rhett from Goose Meadow Farms.



Daisy and Roxy are also part of the herd.





Angel, a mini kunekune cross

   Angel came from California Mini Pigs and is a mini Kunkune cross. A Kunini! With this cross you get a mini pig with the wonderful Kunekune personality, Love this girl.







































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 I am a memberof the American KuneKune Pig Society and it's registry.