Jackson Family Piggery

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 I am a memberof the American KuneKune Pig Society and it's registry.


About our piglets

This litter arrived January 26,2016. These piglets will be weaned and trained to the litter box and will be available for delivery around the end of March. They were crossed from Tucker, our Kunekune boar and Willow. They are referred to as Kuninis. Photos at 2 1/2 weeks.

Feb 24: Piglet one.

Piglet one.

Feb 24: Piglet two.


Piglet two.



Feb 24: Piglet three.


Piglet three




Feb 24: Piglet four.


Piglet four





Feb 24: Piglet five.

Piglet five:




Feb 24: Piglet six.

Piglet six.




Feb 24: Piglet seven.

Piglet seven





Feb 24: Piglet eight.

Piglet eight











Feb 24: Musing on Life.

Musing on Life.




Feb 24: Climbing on mama.


Climbing on mama.



Feb 24: Dinnertime.






Feb 24: Willow and baby.


Willow and baby.